Fastest carbon wheels for road cycling, triathlon, cyclocross and track.

ZeroCx offers a full range of carbon wheels.

We have designed the most advanced carbon wheels, they meet all athletes requirements, respecting the highest standards of quality and always at the most competitive prices. Use them for conventional practice of cycling or for competition. ZeroCx carbon wheels are designed for all cycling terrains either for mountains, plain, time trial, triathlon or track. To help you in your choice, a professional team will guide you before, during and after your purchase.

-= Diablo =- The ultimate weapon for triatletes !

Exceptional stiffness and light weight, Diablo carbon wheels deliver outstanding performances and the best aerodynamic profile in the range.

- Size 88/88 mm
- Wide rims
- 20/24 spokes

Diablo 88/88mm

-= Storm =- Speed on Track !

Fast and strong carbon wheels made for track cycling.

- Size 60/60 and 90/90 mm.
- Fixed gear
- Wide rims
- 24/28 spokes

Storm 60/60mm

-= Weight =- Lightness and rigidity !

Ultra light and rigid carbon wheels, specially designed for easier riding through sinuous terrains.

- Size 38/38 mm.
- Ultra light 1170 g. (tubular, set)

Weight 38/38mm

-= Optimal =- Balance of benefits !

Versatile carbon wheels with the best performance for all circumstances.

- Size 38/50 mm.
- Very light 1215 g. (tubular, set)

Optimal 38/50mm

-= Rival =- The best choice !

The best choice to get the best benefits on flat roads, the lightest in their category.

- Size 50/50mm.
- Very light 1275 g. (tubular, set)

Zero Rival 50/50mm

-= Rewind =- Tubeless ready wheels !

Tubeless ready carbon wheels with alloy brake tracks for the best results on all roads.

- Size 55/55mm.
- Strongest wheels of ZeroCx range

Rewind 55/55mm

-= Drag =- Aero & Speed !

100% aero carbon wheels. Designed for Triathlon and Time Trial. Best performance and speed guaranteed.

- Size 58/88 mm.
- Weight 1580 g. (tubular, set)

Drag 55/88mm

-= Chrono =- Disc wheel !

Full carbon disc wheels designed to reach the maximum speed during time trials. Recommended for events like the IronMan or for track.

- Disc wheel.
- Weight 1220 g. (tubular, rear wheel)

Disc wheel

Wheel test. Comparison ZeroCx vs Zipp vs Hed vs Campagnolo vs Mavic.

All ZeroCx carbon wheels come with ultra resistant ABEC 5 ceramic bearings.

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