New ZeroCx freewheel body View larger

New ZeroCx freewheel body

ZeroCx freewheel bodies come with:

  • 1 freewheel body (Campagnolo 10/11s or Shim/Sram 10/11s)
  • 1 aluminum washer
  • 1 protective rubber washer
  • 1 extra washer =spacer (only for the Shimano 11s freewheel body if you need to convert it from 11 speeds to 10 speeds)

In Stock

  • Shim/Sram 10/11s
  • Campa 10/11s

40,50 €

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Check comppatibility

No problem, quality is ok for this freehub body but before buying check if your old ZeroCx hub is still compatible with your hub because all ZeroCx freehub bodies are not compatible between themselves. They have changed in 2014 ;-)

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New ZeroCx freewheel body

New ZeroCx freewheel body

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