General questions

Are shipping costs included in the price?

No, shipping fees are added at the end of the order process. However, from 02/01/2014, shipping fees are free for UK and most of the EU countries for the purchase of 1 wheelset minimum. Shipping fees are to be expected for any purchase under 700€ vat included.

How long are delivery times?

Dispatch is from our warehouses in Spain. The guideline delivery times you can expect with our carrier are:

Portugal: 1 to 2 days, France: 2 to 3 days, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Holland Italy: 3 to 4 days, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic: 4 to 6 days, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden: 5 to 6 days

Please note delays may occur if the item is not available in stock. You will be notified in the event of an out-of-stock item.

How can I check my wheels have been dispatched?

Once you have completed the checkout, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive a second email with a dispatch date, once the order has been processed by our stock control. The orders are processed on the same day, as long as the order arrives by 12am (GMT+1). Otherwise, the order is processed the next working day.

What is the warranty on the wheels?

ZeroCx wheels come with 2 years international warranty, from the delivery date to the customer. For further details, see article 8 of the Terms and Conditions.

Why are ZeroCx wheels cheaper than other equivalent wheels on the market?

ZeroCx wheels are sourced directly from the manufacturer and assembled in house. We have no deal with distributors or intermediaries in our supply chain. The resulting reduction in costs makes for the most competitive prices in the market, without sacrificing client support.

Why are ZeroCx wheels special?

ZeroCx wheels are the most cost effective carbon wheels on the market. Our material is of the highest quality, certified with European Quality Standards. Value for money is the central vision behind the ZeroCx brand. In addition, all our product designs are tested on the professional cycling and triathlon circuit, by cyclists local to us in Northern Spain, a hot bed of professionals. The feedback from the testing on training runs and actual race days is used to improve our designs. ZeroCx is formed by experienced cyclists and is aimed at making high quality products for cyclists.

What does “zero weight, zero drag” mean ?

Zero drag refers to minimum aerodynamic resistance, while still being a light weight product.

What is the ZeroCx Vision ?

Highest quality and best price is the company vision. The company team has over 20 years experience in the world of cycling. The focus is on offering the best quality price combination in the market.

I have a ZeroCx reduction coupon. How I can use it for my future purchases?

Our discount coupon assure a price reduction for any purchase made before the coupon’s end date. To use the coupon, introduce the coupon’s code on the checkout page. The discount will be applied to the total price of the purchase, automatically. The fixed discount promotion coupons apply to pairs of wheels only.

What are the payment options ?

Payments can be made by three ways:

  • Credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard, etc...) via Tefpay (fast, transparent and safe)
  • PayPal Logo (fast, transparent and safe)
  • Bank transfer

IBAN : ES66 0081 4131 2400 0110 7613

In case of a problem, leave a message via our Contact form, and we will contact your promptly.

If I purchase zeroCx products through my company, will VAT be applied?

ZeroCx pays VAT in Spain, we are obliged to levy VAT on all customers regardless of the country of business or residence within the European Union. No taxes are applied for clients outside the European Union.

I would like to make a bulk purchase of wheels for my club or team, are there bulk purchase price reductions?

Yes, when purchasing more than a dozen pair of wheels, contact us directly for our bulk purchase price list. The exact bulk purchase price is determined on a case by case basis.

How can I contribute to improving ZeroCx material?

Please send us all feedback in the Contact form. We always respond to feedback, suggestions are placed on our in-house improvement and development wish-list. Authors of quality feedback and suggestions will be kept abreast on how and when their suggestions will appear in our product line.

Are zerocx hubs ceramic ? Are they an advantage?

ZeroCx provides hybrid ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings provide the smallest friction resistance compared to classical bearings made of steel or stainless.

Is all my personal data, like address, telephone, email, stored in ZeroCx servers?

ZeroCx stores all client information in order to ensure our sales service. In no case, shall client information be made available to any third party without the client’s consent.
We will also delete client information from our servers, if so instructed by the client. ZeroCx complies with the data protection laws in Spain (LOPD) and has made the appropriate registrations regarding client data stored to the national data protection body (AGPD). For further information please contact the Spanish data protection agency (AGPD ).

Technical questions

Why do you use 24 spokes on the back wheel ?

After trials with different spoke and hub design, the 24 spokes wheel offered the best rigidity and integrity relative to the wheel weight .

What is the best tyre pressure for ZeroCx wheels?

For tubular wheels the pressure is specified by the particular brand and make used. For cover wheels, we recommend staying below a maximum of 8 bars.

Is there a recommended weight limit for ZeroCx wheels?

ZeroCx wheels are configured for maximum efficiency in any typing of cycling, be it competitive or touring. Nevertheless, the wheels provide best efficiency for cyclists of upto 100Kg (=220 lbs), we do not recommend ZeroCx for cyclists of this weight.

What tension does ZeroCx apply to the spokes?

The wheel build does not use spoke tension as a lead parameter, rather the wheels are configured for best balance, so spoke tension can vary on the same wheel. In spite of varying tensions, the wheel will provide a perfect balance and behaviour.

How do I choose the wheel cover width?

ZeroCx recommends tubular or cover width of 21 to 23 mm for best versatility and performance.

Why do you use 3K carbon layer ?

3K carbon layer refers to the interweaving type and weight per square centimetre of the carbon used. The leading properties for 3K carbon are lightness, rigidity and good dynamic absorption.

Tubular or Cover wheels?

Opinions vary, but our experience with cycling has been that triathletes use covers since they are easier to fix in case of puncture and road cyclists use tubular wheels since puncture replacement is often not a problem during races. Tastes vary widely though, and comes done to personal preference.

Is the braking band carbon or alloy?

Almost all ZeroCx wheels have a 100% carbon braking band. But since 2014 ZeroCx now is selling a new model of Zero Rival (52/52mm) super light wheels with alloy braking band.

Are wheels delivered with brake pads ?

Yes, all our wheels are delivered with specific brake pads for braking on carbon.

Are wheels delivered with slipcovers ?

Yes, ZeroCx now offers Slipcovers with all purchased wheels. (1 single slipcover for the purchase of 1 wheel or 2 single slipcovers for the purchase of 1 wheelset)

Are wheels delivered with spare spokes ?

No but ZeroCx now sells Maintenance Kits with 7 spare spokes (bladed black, 3 front + 4 rear (2 of each side)) + 7 black nipples + 2 pairs of brake pads (Campagnolo or Shimano) for carbon rims + 2 valve extensions (4cm).

What are the steps to follow in order to properly glue tubular tires on my carbon rims?

Here are the different steps to follow in order to properly glue tubular tires on your carbon rims:

A. Preparation stage of the rim (time required: 48h) => Essential steps that only have to be made once before gluing the tubular tire (Stage B)

1. Slightly mill the valve hole with a scraper so that the tubular tire fits the shape of the hole.
2. Energetically sand the rim with very fin abrasive paper.
3. Apply a soft cloth soaked in solvent (= universal resin thinner) to clean and degrease it.
4. With a paintbrush, apply a first layer (as evenly as possible) of tubular glue on the rim.
5. Let the tire dry at least 24 hours.
6. With a paintbrush, apply a second layer (as evenly as possible) of tubular glue on the rim.
7. Let the tire dry at least 24 hours.

B. Gluing the tubular tire on the rim (time required: 24h) => Necessary steps for each change of tubular tire:

1. Pump the tubular tire to 3 Bars.
2. Coat the tubular tire with tubular glue.
3. Once the tubular tire is dry, apply a third and last layer of glue.
4. Clean both sides of the rim in order to remove any tubular glue residue.
5. Quickly place the tubular tire on the rim, starting by placing the valve upright into the valve hole.
6. Strech the tubular tire to place it properly on the rim. Movement from the top to the bottom.
7. Pump the tubular tire to 10 Bars.
8. Put the tubular tire on the rim and center it with your thumbs.
9. Press the tubular tire against the rim with your body weight, doing pendular movements, so that the tubular tire touches the rim and sticks evenly.
10. If any glue residue remains, remove it with a soft cloth soaked in solvent.
11. Let the tire dry at least 24 hours.